Committee on Ethics


The Committee shall conduct investigations of individual members of the Council after:

a. The Council by majority vote shall have approved the filing of charges against such members for alleged violations of Chapter 20-600 of the Philadelphia Code or these Rules; and
b. The Council shall have approved by majority vote a resolution authorizing such investigation.
There shall be separate resolutions relating to each individual, to be considered separately by the Council and each resolution shall contain a list of all charges and alleged violations. The accused member of Council may provide self representation or may be represented during such an investigation by counsel.

If a member under investigation should resign from positions in Council or from office before the completion of the investigation, the investigation may be terminated by a majority vote of all members of the Committee. Upon completion of an investigation of a member of Council, the Committee shall make its recommendation to the Council, and the Council shall take whatever actions it deems appropriate. All matters which come under this Committee, including hearings, actions and recommendations shall be conducted in public, except when the Committee by majority vote goes into executive session.


Darrell L. Clarke

Vice Chair

Marian B. Tasco


(consisting of all members of City Council)